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Junior Teams
Children as young as 5 years old are welcome to join HDS.  Our aim is to bring children into contact with hockey in a playful way, training their motor skills through game forms.From the age of 6 years, the focus is more on hockey during the training sessions, learning techniques, teamwork and game insight that are developed and introduced when playing in competitions, starting first in 6-aside matches and progressing to 8-aside matches which are played on Saturdays. From the ages of 10 years till 18 years, young players transfer to the 11-aside matches which are played on Saturdays.  

Players are assessed and grouped into teams with other players who are of similar capability and skill. Teams are reassessed and regularly evaluated by the trainers and the HDS Juniors commission throughout the hockey season.     

Senior teams
HDS enjoys a number of Men’s and Ladies Senior teams who play competitive matches on Sundays. Eligible for players from the age of 18 years till 35 years.   

Veteran teams
Hockey does not have to stop as you get older!  We offer Veteran teams playing competitive matches on Sundays.  This is eligible for players from the age of 35 years onwards. At HDS we even have a team for players above 70 years, so there is never an excuse not to play! 

Trim (trimmers) teams
If you do not wish to have the obligation of playing on Sunday and still want to (continue) playing hockey, then maybe joining a Trim team is more for you!  Each Monday evening the "trimmers” take possession of the HDS complex.  We welcome both beginners and the experienced hockey players the opportunity to train every week.  Trimmers can also participate in Trim hockey competition against other clubs in and around the South Holland district.  

It is fair to say that the hockey performance level is not expected to be comparable to Sunday competition level, however the Trimmers are guaranteed to excel at the third half which counts as a very important part of the training and matches!   

If the physical burden of hockey becomes too much, you can hit a ball on our tennis court.  There is always an equal opponent to be found! 

Helpful Information for club members 
There is a lot organised within the club, from practice matches to clinics, from material equipment to supporting umpires, field training to league competitions. To make things run smoothly here is an overview of who you should contact (for): 

Reserving a pitch for a practice match
If you have found an opponent for a home match (in your network or via the App), reserve a pitch via the match secretary (Wedstrijdsecretariaat) stating the day, time and name of the opponent. If the practice match falls on a day when the club house bar is also open, then please also inform the bar commission by e-mail with the details of the practice match. 

Requesting Umpires
Umpires are only allocated by the club for competition / league matches.  For practice matches and for indoor matches, umpires need to be found within the team itself.  It is not uncommon for practice and indoor matches to ask the opponent to also bring 1 umpire with them. 

If you wish to organize a HDS party, then this should be done in consultation with the event coordinator (see Organization) and the bar committee. They will then record this in the club diary to ensure that the accommodation and stock is correctly reserved and purchased.

Requesting goal keeper / hockey training equipment
At the beginning and at the end of both the field and the indoor season, you will be advised when the goal keeper equipment will be distributed.  For any interim questions in regards to goal keeper equipment please contact Ewout Broekhoff at  [email protected]. For questions about indoor materials, please contact the indoor commissioner at [email protected]

Training times
It can happen (whilst seldom) that training times may change during the course of the hockey season. Any such changes are usually as a result of trainer availability and the affected teams will be consulted prior to any structural time changes. In cases where the new timing is not workable for the coach or team/parent, then they should contact their respective line coordinator. 

Supporting a novice umpire
If you have just passed your umpire exams and would like some guidance and support with your first match, we can arrange help.  Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Bar duty / Match table
Each club member (or parents of a club member) is assigned to help out behind the bar and behind the match table at least once per hockey season. Once assigned it is your responsibility to ensure that you are on time. If you are unable to do the assigned date and time, then it is expected that you will arrange your own replacement (i.e, exchange with another club member). 

Updating your address, e-mail and telephone data
Club members (or parents of a club member) are responsible for ensuring that their current address, phone and e-mail details are up to date. This can be easily updated via the HDS App or HDS Website. If you have a change of address, please pass on your new address to the membership administration (ledenadministratie), who will make this change.